Virginia Electronic Student Information Services


Annual Meeting

This year the annual VESIS (Virginia Electronic Information System) Data Conference will be held in tandem with the VSTE Annual Conference December 2-4 in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The VESIS session is scheduled for Monday Dec. 3, 2018, after the VSTE Keynote.  VSTE has arranged for the VESIS session at the VSTE Virginia Beach DoubleTree ‘conference’ hotel.

Conduct of Meetings

Robert’s Rules of Order will be followed in conducting meetings of the Board of Directors and
meetings of the full membership.

Frequency of Meetings

The VESIS Board of Directors will hold scheduled board meetings once per quarter or as determined by the President. Full membership meetings will be held at the discretion of the Board of Directors but no less than twice annually, with its Annual meeting held in the Spring of each year. The fiscal year for the Corporation will begin the 1st of September of each year. An annual conference will be held yearly on a date to be determined by the Board of Directors.

Membership Classes

Regular and associate members are entitled to the same rights and privileges in accordance with
Article III, Paragraph 3 of the Corporation Bylaws.